Fashion Trends That Will Shape Our Clothing Style This Year

Even though the next season isn’t here yet, the most renowned brands, models, influencers, journalists, and fashion designers are ready to set the trends for autumn/winter 2019.

They have lots of surprises for us. To start with, you can say goodbye to your oversized hat and your tight pleats of this last spring to embrace outfits designed to be way more OTT.

Among these OTT prints there are argyle knits, checks and florals. Add some massive ruffles, cool puffers and blinding sparkle and you’re all set to welcome the autumn/winter season in style.

Browse through the following trends to get ready for the end of the year.

1. Florals All The Way

We believe floral prints have never gone out of fashion for real. However, the next season will see more of them than ever before. Even full floral looks with face masks and other accessories will be perfectly viable choices. Just keep tabs on the high-end brands and try to follow them by choosing styles with a neutral base colour and decorative flowers scattered across.

2. Oversized Bags

After so much time spent taking with you only the very basic items, time has come to forget about those tiny totes and switch to a style that enables you to carry around whatever you want (maybe not quite everything, but a lot more than your current bag allows, for sure).

3. Checks, Checks!

If clashing prints were the craze of the last season (only think polka dots with stripes), next season will bring us a more manageable style. It will allow for one single print – we’ll all want to invest again in checks, and only play around with colour for a bit more fun.

4. Tiered Ruffles

This is something that may come as a surprise, but beware that your low-key ruffle isn’t good for the next season any longer. If you want to follow the latest fashion trends, you’ll need to do much better than that. Tiered ruffles all the way, a hairstyle to enhance their impact even further, and you’ll be ready to take on this autumn.

5. Waist Belts

A tiny waist will always be fashionable. Despite it being such a timeless feature, the cinched waist has been forgotten by high-end fashion designers, as they wanted to promote a more undefined silhouette. Next season, though, we will wear our belts with lots of outfits and clothing items, ranging from dresses and coats to knits and shirts.

6. Brown Leather Coats

If you do care about fashion a bit, you may have already noticed that many casual outfits feature tonal camel hues already. By the end of the year, great designers will also embrace this base shade by using luxury leather materials in their creations.

7. Pointed toes

Your toes will probably hate you by the end of the year, as you’ll want to ditch your actual footwear style in favour of those pointy toes that have been so popular a while ago. Probably you already know your Arabesque, but if you don’t, start reading up on your Angelina Ballerina!

8. Argyle Knits

Argyle knits had a fluctuating evolution in the fashion world. Only middle-age golfers have always been faithful to this trend. The rest of us will need to consider it again this autumn, as high-end labels will bring it back in focus. Luckily, you’ll be allowed to save it solely for cardigans and jumpers (argyle trousers would have been a bit too much for me, I guess). Pair it with some fancy skirts to wear at the office.

9. OTT Feathering

You don’t need to wear sequins to shine. Spice up your outfits by embracing playful textures such as extreme feathering. A full-feather outfit will require you to forget about the hourglass body shape, as it will make you look bulky. However, a feathered coat or a full-feathered dress will surely take you our from the crowd. All eyes at the party will be on you.

10. Corduroy Suits

Apparently, corduroy has returned over the past six months. Our prediction is that it will only take one year to see this trend reaching the mass fashion market. Get ready for this wave with some high-waisted flared trousers.

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