Tips On How To Choose The Best Gloves For Christmas

Deciding on what gifts to buy for your colleagues, friends, family, and anyone else for Christmas can become difficult. In this post, we have included information on different glove types and why gloves make for a great gift when you are stuck, and you are unable to get your gifts from a reliable and trusted supplier.

Why Choose Gloves for a Gift?

Quality gloves are always a great gift idea since they are one of the necessities over the winter period and the fact that everyone and anyone needs them. At the same time, it is not necessary to know a person very well to choose gloves as a gift for them. Gloves are also a one-up and superior option to the novelty socks that we get every year. You can choose a basic pair of cosy gloves or something that matches up to someone’s style and clothes.

Chester Jefferies

This family-owned and operated business provide an extensive range of unique and bespoke glove products. This brand specialises in leather-gloves while stocking all types of gloves that match up to different purposes and occasions. Chester Jefferies has been in the business of producing gloves of the highest quality in England since 1936. This company offers men’s gloves, women’s gloves, winter gloves, driving gloves, and more. They are particularly popular in the ladies leather gloves range.

Glove Product Types Available From Chester Jefferies


These gloves types are all hand-sewn and hand-cut for optimal quality control, and you can see it in the design and feel. These are gloves that are ideal for both formal and everyday wear, and they come in a range of materials and colours.


Leather gloves are long-lasting and durable gloves, perfect for any person wanting to look dapper and smart while keeping your hands warm. Chester Jefferies offers the option of bespoke changes for just about all of their products, meaning there are no limits when it comes to the colour that you prefer.


The Chester Jefferies tweed glove collection offers bespoke finishing and fitting for a snug fit at wrist-length, which makes them easy to put on or take off. The insulating and warm material is ideal for both Winter and Autumn

Motorcycle and Driving

Their driving gloves are all styled for driving. Clean, crisp, and short, they come with a big keyhole along with Perforation holes across the palm and backs of your fingers which allows for air circulation around your hands. The smart and neat press stud makes sure that the gloves fasten securely around your wrists.

The motorcycling gloves provide ample protection from outdoor elements while providing comfort and total control. These extremely warm gloves also come with a zip on the exterior, which is popular for people that ride motorcycles.

Wheelchair Gloves

Chester Jefferies has continued to produce gloves that match up to what their customers want and need. Some of these include wheelchair users, people with a missing finger, onto deformities that are more complex. Chester Jefferies has always strived to be inclusive to provide quality and comfortable gloves to anyone and everyone.

How To Choose The Right Size

To make sure you are buying the correct fit, follow these easy steps:

Use a tape measure to measure around your dominant hand (excluding your thumb) in inches (your right hand if your right-handed and your left hand if you are left-handed).

The measurement that you arrive at in inches will be the glove size you should be choosing. So if you have measured 9 inches, a pair of medium gloves will fit you. If your gloves feel too tight they can cause your hands to feel very cold, so if you are not sure rather go for a bigger size.

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