11 Tips For the Ideal Body Shaper Collection

The modern foundation wardrobe cannot be said to be complete if it does not include the classic body shaper. Critics might ask, does shapewear work? And judging by the number of women who find such peculiar apparel a beloved piece of wear, it certainly does. Understanding this demand that you recognise the role that body shapers play and how they are structured.

A body shaper’s anchoring points are at the crotch and shoulders. The anchoring is the essential element of any body shaper because it keeps the garment sturdy and reliable by preventing roll-down and roll-up. It is this structuring that makes the body shaper versatile and effective shapewear. But how can you pick the right one for your body?

1. Compression

It would be best if you determined which areas of your body you want the body shaper’s compression to focus on.

2. Thighs

Most women will not focus on shaping their thighs as they try to accentuate their figure. But achieving a svelte natural line starts at the thighs. Therefore, the body shaper you choose should provide compression from the thigh up to the anchoring at the shoulder to create an uninterrupted silhouette.

3. Waist

Body shapers are garments made of cut panels. That is why shapewear with a firm waist compression will focus on that specific area of the body. The build is uniquely done to prevent hemline around the body from being visible.

4. Bust

For shapewear that focuses on the bust, options range from a push-up corset style to an open bust shaping slip that allows you to pick your preferred bra. In either choice, bust compression is essential but in varying options when it comes to flexibility. As such, it is a versatile wear that can suit different occasions.

5. Shape

Given the garment is designed to help tone your body shape, it would be best to pick one that fits your mood.

6. Hourglass

Are you striving for an enviable hourglass line? Then go for a waist-cinching body shaper. However, do not focus entirely on the waist. For that definitive hourglass figure, you should achieve some height to the breasts and a smooth line down the hips. That is why achieve this silhouette look demands using a firm body shaper that provides adequate support across these areas.

7. Sleek

You are less likely to make significant changes to your shape that look natural if you opt for an elegant, smooth, and subtle line. It is better to go for a body shaper with a long line with moderate compression. The long leg shapewear is perfect for this if your objective is to have an uninterrupted outline.

8. Colour

Whites and nudes are a top choice among many women when it comes to minimising visibility. Darker colours like black and navy are a suitable option for evening wear.

9. Lace

Laces are an aesthetic addition to the body shaper with choices ranging from elaborate lacework to sleek modernism laces. Pick shapewear has minimal detail to avoid creating a contrast to the silhouette if you what the body shaper sitting under a snug outfit.

10. Dresses

A shaping slip’s anchor point is at the shoulders to provide compression around the hips, waist, and thighs. As such, wearing a casual or formal dress will result in a smooth and natural outline.

11. Everyday Wear

Can a body shaper be everyday wear? Underwired shapewear provides firm anchoring, supporting you from the bust down to the hip for a practical and comfy fit.

With the availability of a range of body shapers, you should not limit yourself to one type. The different shapewear options are designed to suit varied dressing moods and occasions. Therefore, you should strive to have a collection of body shapers in your wardrobe that will meet your work and play needs, from summer through winter.

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