Trends That Will Be Apparent Next Season According to Fashion Week

Looking to the coming season, the largest brands in the world, models, designers, influencers, and fashion editors are currently on the 3rd global leg of seasonal catwalks, showcasing the sartorial landscape of coming winter and autumn

Tight pleats, sensible shorts and oversized hats dominated most the runways and hint what most people will be wearing this summer. However, but the end of the year, things may be a lot more over the top.

From exaggerated prints like unapologetic florals, argyle knits and clashing checks, to fancy putters, blinding sparkles and never-ending ruffles, you may want to prepare yourself in the next 6 months for what seems to a be a seriously sassy season. In this post, we have listed several trends that we think is what we will all be wearing as soon as summer ends.

Large Bags

After spending spring and summer cramming just your essential items in your small totes that just seem ideal for putting your phone, come autumn and winter, things will be drastically different. Big is the coming trend and you can expect brands to revisit practicality by introducing giant bags in the stores?

Unapologetic Florals

Florals have never been out of trend, but come next season, they will be more OTT than ever. Expect full floral looks to be considered feasible options, including facemasks. Consider going for styles with bright petals splashed across and a muted base colour.

Tiered Ruffles

You may have to brace yourself, as one low-key ruffle just won’t cut it for the coming season. We are going to look at the 1920s lampshade when it comes to evening attire. Ensure that you keep the hair pulled back in order to have the maximum gown impact.

Checks on Checks

Last season, we saw clashing prints take the crown, but this coming season, this trend will be reduced to something more manageable. By autumn, everyone will re-invest in checks, just mixing the colours around a little.

Brown Leather Coats

If you have taken a look at what has happened in fashion week this season, then chances are you’ve noticed an influx of tonal camel shades in the street style set outfits. At the end of the year, the same base hue will get an upgrade though sweeping midi coats and luxe-y leather materials.

Waist Belts

A cinched waist is a timeless feature, but it is one that has fallen off in high fashion circles because of the popularity of loose, undefined silhouettes. However, things will take a huge turn coming season and we will all be reaching back to our belts to wrap around everything from coats to knits and everything in between.

Argyle Knits

Argyle knitwear, once the uniform of golfers has had its difficulties in the world of fashion. However, looking at the most popular runways this season, we can say it is officially back in favour. Luckily, we won’t have argyle trousers as they are the worst, but you can expect to pair argyle cardigans and jumpers with chic skirts for those chilly mornings when heading to work.

Pointed Toes

Do you know your Demi Plie? Nailed your Arabesque? Perfected your Echappe? Well, if you have no clue what we are talking about, then you may want to read up on your Angelina Ballerina as coming season, the footwear will be all about the pointed toes.

Corduroy Suiting

We have been seeing a subtle comeback of the corduroy in the past several months. As such, it won’t be a surprise if it will have reached the masses by the end of the year. Go for loose fitting incarnations to have a casual look and a nipped-waist jacket plus high-waisted flared trousers.

Over The Top feathering

If you do not like sequins, then consider adding a bit of zhush with playful textures like OTT feathering. If you want to go all feathers, you will have to forget about the sleek silhouette. Go all the way with a feathered dress for a fun evening, or pair a feathered coat with a chic slip for an impactful moment.


A trend of Marie Antoinette and the likes has made a comeback in several years, styled in wedding gowns, couture looks and also on the catwalk. This trend isnt just for the supermodel strutting down the catwalk but also for the bigger girl,wanting a confidence boost, to tell herself she is beautiful and can wear a plus size corset with pride.

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