COVID-19 Lockdown And How It Has Affected The IT Industry

The IT industry, just like any other sector has been greatly affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. Many companies such as Fusion Voice & Data are now forced to have their employees work remotely, taking into account the employees’ health. Because of the lockdown, many companies have suffered and missed numerous opportunities, especially those with international dealers. Large companies such as Apple Inc. isn’t exempted from this. They have witnessed a 10% fall in their total number of shares because no enough iPhones are circulating the market. Why does this happen? Because the major parts that are required to build these smartphones come from China, the source and epitome of the virus, which is also in lockdown.

Aside from stocks plummeting down, tech conferences have also been canceled. These conferences are often gateways for IT companies to mingle and find partnerships with other companies. Many tech industries take advantage of these conferences to look for other companies to partner with when expanding their business ventures. These tech conferences have been replaced with teleconferences. While it may have the same people in the same virtual function, it’s still different. There are fewer people to reach, and there’s no networking opportunity, unlike a physical conference. The lockdown has an estimated $1 billion loss from the cancellation of these major tech conferences alone.

Silver Lining Despite The Pandemic

Despite the losses, the pandemic has bought advantages too. Compared to other sectors, the IT industry is said to have a major jump in the industry from 131 to 295 billion USD by the year 2025. While tech conferences have been canceled, many people have started to work from home which means that the demand for software applications and platforms will increase. Some of these may include but are not limited to Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, WhatsApp Video call, among others. These teleconferencing tools allow people to stay in touch with their family and loved ones, and at the same time, allow them to continue working remotely. Collaborating with co-employees and working efficiently as a team has been made possible through these apps.

The IT industry will continue to rise during the pandemic because people have a full understanding that technology can play a significant role to connect with other people, whether for work and play.

Global Smart Solutions Observed Globally

The majority of cities worldwide that are currently in lockdown have turned to technology and invested in smart solutions. For instance, the policemen in China are now equipped with drones that have thermal scanners to help identify people with temperatures slightly elevated than normal levels. This helps them easily identify sick people and provide medical help as soon as possible.

The Australian government has utilised the use of a chat-bot. This keeps citizens updated with current events, and citizens can ask questions and have answers in real-time. This way, the spread of false information is prevented. The South Korean government has made use of an app that allows employees to stay in touch despite the quarantine measures. This app keeps them in the loop on developments, progress, and the entire work process to make sure that the workflow remains smooth and efficient despite the remote working conditions.

AHS Telecom in China has taken advantage of the IT sector by developing a 5g-powered system. This system helped the healthcare sectors to connect individuals with various physicians that can help them with their illnesses diseases and/or infections. It made way to help doctors come up with a healthcare plan faster, and refer patients to the right physician. This helps smoothen the system by determining which patients are a priority and immediate medical care. If a specific hospital isn’t available, they can quickly refer to the system to find the next nearest hospital for the patient.

The pandemic has shown great promise to the IT sector, but what if it’s over? Will the IT industry suffer loss from this? A large number of exporters in the IT sector have reported that they may have a hard time stabilizing the situation once the downfall occurs.

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