Tips to Help You Plan Your Post-Covid Diving Holidays

Due to a depressing year of lockdowns and Covid-19, all of us are more than ready to set off into the sunset and get our upcoming summer holidays planned as soon as possible! All of us can’t wait for this pandemic to finally die down and travel safely so we can try out fun things next summer like diving since we have all been missing out on our trips. So it is time to begin planning ahead of time right now. Maybe you are still debating where you would like to go. No matter what stage you are in in your holiday planning process, we wanted to provide you with some tips to make sure your first diving journey in a while (or maybe ever) will be wildly successful!


We have numerous celebratory holidays, including honeymoons, weddings, and birthdays. What could be a better way to get your marriage started than to share an amazing diving experience? Or may you want to celebrate the freedom of being able to travel once against after having been stuck indoors so long due to the pandemic. When you are celebrating the last thing that you want to happen is for anything to go wrong. Therefore, make sure to do plenty of planning!

First Timer

If you would like to try out diving for the very first time, then consider the location and make sure you enrol in the right course. There is a one day course called the PADI Discover Scuba Diving Experience that will introduce the diving world to you. Or if you want to have a more structured learning experienced by dedicating four days to the PADI Open Water Diving Course. That will allow you to earn your PADI Open Water Diver certification.

How To Plan Your Itinerary

Since each break and visitor is unique, it can be hard to determine which tour or course are the best to meet your needs. That is why Borneo Dream offers a personal service to help guide you through all of the various options that are available to you. Whenever you are diving, it is critical to have the right accreditations, so they will ensure that you have taken the right courses to be able to take the diving tours that you are interested in.

Travelling as a Family

In terms of diving experience, family travelling can feel quite limiting. When you are trying to keep everyone’s interests balanced, it can feel like everyone has to make compromises – do you go with the Borneo wildlife safari or head down to the beach? Diving or a nice restaurant? A good solution is to select a family diving course that provides your entire family with shared experiences and memories.

Underwater Benefits

Although the diving in Sabah is great all year long, the ideal conditions are from June through September. Sipadan diving takes you straight to the heart of one of the world’s most impressive marine environments. From here, you can explore the various reef habitats and encounter turtles along with sharks and rays.

Organise Your Packing

Keep in mind that you don’t need to purchase all of your diving gear prior to going on a dive trip. Particularly if you are just getting started with diving, a renting kit is a great solution. Review typical weather patterns for the local area (short-range forecasts may not be reliable) and make sure you are kitted out with both wet and hot weather gear. If you will be taking your own diving kit, have a complete list to make sure you remember to take everything with you. Keep in mind that you can rent other items that you need if you have limited baggage allowance.

Health Checks

We are referring to the health of both your gear and you. Depending on where you will be taking off from, how long your dive trip is, and where you are headed to, you might need to have vaccinations. Check the advice from the World Health Organisation. It is worthwhile to service your dive gear before a diving break, and purchase a good gear bag to make sure that all of your gear arrives in one piece.

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