Learn How To Instil Your Family Bathroom With Hotel-Inspired Luxury

If you are busy with a job, have a home full of children, and just seem like you get run off of your feet nearly all the time, then creating a bathroom inspired by hotel luxury isn’t going to be all that easy. However, if your life is anything remotely like that, then you definitely need the kind of luxurious bathroom space you can use to unwind and relax after another long, difficult day.

I went around and asked a number of lifestyle and parenting bloggers I respect and admire for their tips on how you can create a bathroom inspired by hotel luxury. I’ve included their best ideas here. A lot of them are actually quite easy for you to implement as they aren’t going to cost you much, other than some time and research. Commercial property in Woking or small house in Manchester – it doesn’t matter, you can fit these ideas in anywhere. Keep reading for these tips so you can be well on your way to coming up with your own luxury hotel inspired ideas for a bathroom retreat design.

How To Create Your Very Own Bathroom Inspired by Hotel Luxury

The first idea you should consider is investing in a high-calibre rain shower. Does anything beat stepping into your shower and closing your eyes while you get taken back to a favourite luxury hotel?

A second idea you can try is streamlining your bathroom by wiring up a shaver plug inside the wall cupboard. That way, you can store electric toothbrushes neatly while they get charged so the charging docks and ugly wires are all hidden away. It’s a great idea from a visual perspective!

Choose Quality over Quantity for Your Luxury Bathroom

Quality is always something that is worthy of investment, even if you have kids, so one must-have item for a luxurious bathroom is thick cotton towels.

Try decluttering your bathroom as much as you can so you feel better about it. When all you have on show is what you need instead of excess. Use nice storage boxes to stow things out of sight, including kids toys. Even if you have a baby, just put a nice changing unit in your bathroom. Keep all the cloth nappies inside a nice large basket so they are all in one place. They won’t look unorganised and yet they’ll still be easy to grab.

The notion of keeping your things tidy and uncluttered is great for a bathroom inspired by a luxury hotel.

Make a space for everything, and put as little as you can on show. Consider your storage from a practical point of view, but also think about the room’s style elements. Could you see yourself opting for flooring or a statement mirror?

I tend to think that any hotel-inspired bathroom means a lot more than just keeping things tidy, so adding any sort of statement piece into your bathroom could simply be a genius move.

Eco-Friendly Ideas for a Luxurious Bathroom

If you are looking for something eco-conscious in helping you come up with your luxurious bathroom space, then here is something to consider. Why not literally ‘green’ things up with some real plants? They can freshen your air up and provide a lovely scent free of the need for candles or chemical air fresheners.

Give Your Bathroom Some Display Towels

One of my favourite tips is one that I’ve incorporated in my very own bathroom. A simple and yet very effective way of giving a bathroom a hotel feel is to have some ‘guest’ towels which don’t get used but are always there to look tidy, neat, and super fresh. Just put them on a shelf neatly or over a radiator and things will look as if you are totally and completely organised.

Fragrance is very essential. Any bathroom should smell really fresh, and no aroma is better for a bathroom than that of clean linen.

One final thing to consider is something of a personal treat. That would be an expandable wooden shelf that can rest across the whole bath. It can be some place for your candle, wine glass, and book or e-reader as you relax in your bubbles. I’ve spoken to a few people that own these, and they say in their home it is just for them. They actually hide it away from everyone else so it only comes out when they want it.

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