Tips for Creating a Luxury Hotel-Inspired Bathroom

When you have a house full of children and a hectic job, it can be had to create a luxurious bathroom. But if you think about it, that is why you need a luxury bathroom – to unwind and relax after a long, busy day.

We asked some the best lifestyle and parenting bloggers out there for their two pennyworth when it comes to creating a luxurious bathroom space and they gave us some really good ideas. Most of them are relatively easy to implement, won’t cost you a fortune and just need a little research and time. Let us delve further.

Creating a Luxury Hotel-Inspired Bathroom

The first thing you’ll want to do is get a high-quality rain shower. Nothing beats getting into the shower, closing your eyes and feeling like you’re in your favourite luxury hotel. According to Laura from Five Little Doves and Jacqui from Mummys Little Monkeys, you should consider a shaver plug wired inside the wall of your cabinet. This helps you store your electric toothbrushes while they are being charged. It also helps hide those ugly wires as well as charging docks.

Quality over Quantity

When creating a luxury hotel inspired bathroom, quality is of utmost importance. As such, heavy cotton towels are a must, even if you have small kids. Kayleigh from CandyFloss Dreams gave us an excellent tip.

Decluttering your bathroom, says Kayleigh, will make you feel much better about the space. Just have what you need in the bathroom instead of having excess items that make the space look like a mess. She also suggests having storage boxes to keep items, including kids’ toys. If you have an infant, chances are you have a changing unit in your bathroom and keep all the nappies there. Consider getting a nice large basket so that you can keep these items there without making everything look unorganized.

The idea of keeping the bathroom uncluttered and tidy is perfect for a luxurious bathroom space. Nicola from Nicola suggests creating a place for every item and have as little on the show as possible. Consider both the practicality and the style of each element in the bathroom. For a luxury hotel-inspired room, you should have a statement piece like ideal flooring or a huge mirror. A hotel-inspired luxury bathroom is certainly about more than just keeping it neat.

Add Display Towels

This is perhaps our favourite tip when it comes to transforming your bathroom into a luxury space. Hollie from Hollie Plus says that a relatively simple, but effective way to lend your home bathroom a luxury hotel feel is to add guest towels that are never used, but look tidy, fresh and neat. Just put them neatly over the radiator or on the shelf and it will seem like you are completely organized.

The fragrance is ideally important as the space needs to smell fresh. Well, according to Becky from a Beautiful Space, clean towels lend the best aroma for a luxury bathroom.

Amy from All About a Mummy also suggested adding a bath bridge, which is simply an example wooden shelf that rests across the bath and holds your candle, a glass of wine and book as you relax in the warm bubble bath. It is a real treat and another benefit is that you can easily hide it in the cabinet when you are done.

Eco-Friendly Luxurious Bathroom

If you are on the search for an eco-focused luxury hotel-inspired bathroom tip, Nicole from Eco Family has you covered. She suggests greening up the room with real plants. They not only provide a lovely scent without having to use candles or chemical air fresheners, but they ideally help freshen the air.

As you can see, there are various ways to give your home bathroom that luxury hotel look and feel without spending a fortune. Check out suitable providers including Stone and Chrome. Declutter, add neat and fresh towels, get a bath bridge, include real plants and get a statement piece for the ultimate luxury look.

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