How To Create A Luxury Hotel Inspired Bathroom In A Family Home

Bright white, luxurious bathroom

It’s tough to create a luxurious bathroom with a hotel touch when your house is full of kids or with a busy job that keeps you out of the house at most times. Well, it might not seem like it but these are the reasons why you need a luxurious space in your bathroom where you can relax after a very long and busy day. Well, you should know it’s very easy to implement some of the following bathroom ideas.

They are very affordable and you need a little time and research to pull them off. Soon enough, you can design your own hotel-inspired bathroom and enjoy a good retreat when you are escaping the hyperactive kids or your busy job. Here is what you need to do:

Luxuriate in a monsoon shower

You need a good quality rain shower. You can enjoy stepping in the shower and closing your eyes. You will definitely get the feeling of being in your favourite luxury hotel when you spend some time in that amazing shower.

Hide away the functional bits

You should consider streamlining your bathroom by wiring up a shaver plug inside the wall cupboard. Here, you can store all the electric toothbrushes making sure they are charged all through and hide the charging docks and the ugly wires that often pop out when you are using electric appliances in the bathroom.

Add luxurious touches

You need to apply the principle of quality over quantity in your new luxury hotel inspired bathroom. It doesn’t matter how many little ones you have running around, you should thick about adding a thick, soft bath mat or a comfy chair. They will definitely bring out that luxurious feel.

Have a good clear out

If you want to feel good about your bathroom, you should consider decluttering it. Display only what you want to use rather than having excess items on the counters. Any large items that you just don’t need right now, like the kids’ old changing table or training potty, can go into Blue Box Storage. You can use small boxes to store the leftover items, especially those pesky toys that always find their way into your bathroom. If you are using your bathroom for the changing area, you can use these boxes to store the nappies and other baby accessories out of the way. They will also be super accessible when you need them.

Focus on storage

You should create a place for everything in your bathroom and make sure you have displayed as little as possible. You need to consider the style elements in the room as well as the storage options practically. For instance, you can choose a statement mirror or flooring, whatever makes the most impact.

Natural is best

You can also add some eco-friendly options in your luxury bathroom. Here, you can choose to add some real plants. They will make the air fresh and bring out a lovely scent without the need for candles or chemical air fresheners.

Fluffy towels are a must

Don’t forget to add some display towels to your bathroom. If you want your bathroom to appear like that luxury hotel without going too much out of your way, you should add some fluffy display towels for the guests. These towels don’t necessarily need to be used but they should always look tidy, neat and super fresh. You can place them on a shelf or a radiator and your bathroom will appear very organised.

Keep it smelling fresh

Another important thing for your bathroom to have that spa like feeling is an amazing fragrance. Your bathroom needs to smell fresh and you need clean linen to pull this off. You can choose a natural aroma that blends in perfectly with the rest of the bathroom but make sure it looks great.

Get ready to relax

Who doesn’t love coming home to relax in the bathtub with the bubbles and a glass of wine? Well, you can achieve that look by creating a bath bridge with an expandable wooden shelf that rests across your bath. It’s a good place to store your kindle or book, glass of wine, candles and anything else you need while you relax in the bubbles. It’s actually a good treat to look forward to when you come back home after a long day at work.

Try these bathroom ideas for a great, luxurious retreat.

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