Spring, Summer, Autumn, or Winter? When Is the Best Time to Remodel a Kitchen?

When it comes to remodelling, certain seasons are better than others. And it all depends on the weather as well as the type of project that you’re interested in conducting. So, if it’s sub-zero or frigid, you definitely don’t want to be replacing any windows or even doors in these conditions.

When Is the Best Time?

Famous CliqStudio designer, President of NKBA MN Chapter and professionally licensed contractor Carl A. Smith readily agrees that as long as it freezes and snows it is better to wait for another season entirely for those interested in having work done on their homes. And as we know, most of the summer is peak construction season. At the same time, we also know that work stops in the autumn and continues when it’s spring again!

Smith is also clear about the fact that homeowners can still conduct remodels throughout the year simply because it is inside work. In essence, if your work doesn’t require any window and door removal, then you don’t need to worry at all. And you can be free in letting your inner designer out as you plan for your perfect remodel!

That said, most homeowners typically make use of the summer and spring times to conduct work on their homes. At the same time, this leaves most of the contractors scavenging for work during the off season, winter. As a result, it is much easier to hire a contractor during winter. Besides the weather, you’ll also need to take into consideration other factors if you’re planning for a new and improved kitchen.

Factors to Consider

  • Your family schedule: as you remodel your castle, it’s best to do so when there is little or no disruption within your home. Most view their kitchen space as the heart of their home so when it comes to turning it into a dusty construction zone, it may become quite inconvenient to those around who need to use it. As such, most families prefer to make use of the summer time to do the work, since kids are typically out a lot or away at camp.
  • Family eating plans: eating out every day during construction can become quite expensive. So, you’ll need to put a plan in place to facilitate meals at home. Items such as an outdoor grill, a microwave and even a minifridge can get the job  done perfectly.
  • Holidays and special events: if you’re scheduling a new kitchen right before special holidays or even your kids’ graduation, it can be done albeit with some issues. Worktops and cabinets can be changed within a short space of time – try Glass Inspirations for ideas – but if you’re doing smaller, finer details such as plumbing, inspection, walls or even rewiring your job will run into at least three months. So, keep in mind that a contractor who knows the ins and outs of the job will give you exactly what you want when you want it.
  • Special deals: if you’re working with a fixed budget, you’ll want to do your shopping when the deals are rolling in. During Black Friday events, you’ll be able to get endless items on sale so be sure to keep an eye out. You’ll also want to look out for April and May spring promos, and you can even stock up on things you might need for your project in the coming year.
  • Project lead times: custom designed cabinets are crafted from the most exotic of materials. So, you’ll need to have those organised months in advance. However, a semi-custom job can be carried out in as little as 6 or even 4 weeks. So, be sure to keep in mind that your timeline is all dependent on various lead times as well as availability.
  • Planning: before you’ve scheduled a complete remodel, you should properly think and plan according to what you’d like. And if you’re dealing with kitchen repairs and remodels, you should take some time so that you can properly budget, set goals, research and even talk to the professionals. Only when you’re 100% satisfied with the final plans should you schedule construction to create your ideal dream space!

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