Top Tips For Planning Your Diving Holiday

Adult and child sucba diving, viewing turtleWith the peak holiday months around the corner, if you are a diving enthusiast, you must be planning your summer diving trip. Here are some useful tips to help make this trip a huge success.

First, what type of holiday are you planning for? Are you taking a diving break or are you an experienced diver? Will you participate in other activities during your holiday besides diving? You could be celebrating a honeymoon, birthday or wedding (for celebrations we recommend Turtle Island Borneo which is a beautiful park full of turtles) and summer is the perfect time to do that but you need to plan accordingly for the best results. Here’s what you need to do.

1. For First Timers

If you are a newbie to diving, you need to choose the right diving course and location. You can take an easy, one day course that teaches you the basics. Alternatively, you can choose more courses that run over a few days to help you become a better diver.

2. Family Holidays

If you are going on holiday with your family, you might feel a bit limited when it’s time to finally go diving. You might feel overwhelmed especially when you are trying to balance everyone’s interests. Well, you can opt for a diving course where you can participate as a family and enjoy the entire adventure together.

3. Underwater Benefits

Diving is always a great adventure but during the summer months, the diving conditions are perfect. Going out for that dive will expose you to an entirely new world of marine animals. You can check out the coral reef habitats and watch the turtles and sharks. You will definitely make a lot of memories in your next diving trip.

4. What To Do When You’re Not Diving

You should choose an ideal diving location that allows you to do other things when you are not diving. You can enjoy the various retreats and hikes as well as relax in your hotel room without any hassles. You should research whichever location you need for the best results.

Once you have chosen a particular diving destination, you need to think about your packing too. You don’t have to pack everything and ruin the trip dragging a lot of things around. Here are some packing tips to consider for your next diving trip.

You don’t need to buy all the diving gear before going on the trip. You can rent the diving equipment at a more affordable fee. You need to check the weather forecasts in the diving destination to make sure there are no drastic changes that might affect your diving plans.

You should have the right gear and make sure you pack both hot and cold weather gear. If you are bringing your own diving gear, you should write down a list to make sure you remember everything you need to bring.

5. How To Manage Jet Lag

If you have to fly to a different time zone to get to your diving destination, you need to prepare yourself for the jet lag. You need to remain hydrated and make sure you are exposed to as much natural light as possible. You should also sleep prior to traveling to avoid getting tired.

6. Planning Your Costs Accordingly

You need to know how much currency to take and have a buffer amount in your budget to handle any extra costs. If you have a tour package check what is excluded so you don’t get any surprises. Don’t forget to allocate some money for your transportation.

7. How To Make The Best Memories

Whether it’s your first time diving or the umpteenth time, you need to find time to record your experiences. You can find some underwater photography equipment or ask to rent anything while you’re at the destination to help you record your experiences. Looking at all these experiences should be your motivation to plan your next diving trip.

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