Planning A New Kitchen Fit Out

Are you planning to get a brand new kitchen to start the decade? Are you hiring a kitchen designer or planning to do it on your own? Maybe a combination! Organising schedules is one of your main concerns. How long does fitting a kitchen take? That is obviously a very open question, similar to asking how long is a piece of string. It will depend on how complex the fittings are and how large the room is.


The first thing that you need to prepare for is to live without your kitchen. Whenever you ask how long it is going to take to fit your kitchen, be aware that the answer is going to be affected by the preparation you do. If your refit is going to have to occur in stages, it is going to take longer than if you can seal the kitchen area off that is dedicated to your refit. If you have a contractor doing the work, they can give guidance and make arrangements for alternative kitchen facilities. Your garage, utility room, or study can be turned into a functioning temporary kitchen that you can use.


Your budget should not solely be about minimising spend. No one wants to pay more than necessary for a service or product. However, if something can sustain heavy use and last for many years then it is worth spending money on. Smart budgeting involves setting aside the right amount of money to buy the right things. If you are concerned about cost, you could save money by repurposing the structures of your cabinets. The savings can help to make a dream granite worktops or some other feature a reality.


We are not talking about the actual project’s schedule here. Instead, we are talking about your home’s schedule. If you would like to minimise the amount of time it takes for fitting a kitchen, be sure to schedule it wisely. Plan around school holidays and big family birthdays. That will help to minimise your levels of stress during your kitchen refit. Some people prefer a longer work period running alongside daily activities. For other people, it is best for the project to be shorter while the family leaves the house to go on holiday.


Are you planning to change your existing kitchen’s structure? Structural change is definitely involved with kitchen extensions. However, your current kitchen layout might be completely impractical. You might be able to add a new kitchen island in a bigger space. That feature truly revolutionises your kitchen area and beautifully shows off quartz or granite worktops. Just keep in mind that the more structural change you are planning, the longer it is going to take to complete. However, every extra hour will be worth it if your new kitchen meets your lifestyle and habits.


During the early stages of planning your kitchen, you will have design ideas that you do not want to compromise on. Often that comes down mainly to your material choice for kitchens. Maybe there is a specific granite or marble that you really want. Check to see whether these materials have an unusual lead time. Keep in mind that these types of stone slabs are mined so you need to make sure they get ordered in time to get shipped to your supplier so they can cut them. Consult with your supplier to make sure that you don’t experience any unnecessary delays for your refit schedule.


Make sure to research suppliers. Choose suppliers and contractors based on reputation instead of price. It is great to have personal recommendations, but also look at testimonials. Ask for comparative quotes, and communicate. Having open lines of communication with your suppliers and contractors, the less likely you will have misunderstandings that can cause delays.

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