Electrostatic Coronavirus Deep Clean Equipment

Here is the latest piece of equipment designed to help you deep clean your business premises, particularly with the ongoing situation we all find ourselves regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

The Importance of Keeping on Top of Cleaning

You may be wondering, why should I be so concerned about cleaning tasks not being adequately taken care of when there are more important things to address? This is especially so if you have a busy schedule. However, you need to stop for a moment and consider the important benefits of having a clean and organised working environment. Providing a clean working environment for your employees improves their productivity as they enjoy improved health and well-being. Your system and equipment will function more effectively and longer when they are well organised and free of grime.

First impressions have a lasting and significant effect when it comes to business. By maintaining a clean and well-organised space, you help to create a positive impression of your business amongst your visitors. Keep in mind that regular cleaning is an incremental benefit. Thus, the cleaning schedule is a crucial tool, and commercial cleaning services may be necessary.

With that being said, you might be asking, where do I need to clean? Start by dividing your office space into sections. This is an effective way of focusing your cleaning tasks and ensuring that nothing is missed. The government advises against closing workplaces, but rather to consider remote working where viable. Thus, unless your employees have shown any symptoms of illness, they should be free to work from the office. Deep cleaning for coronavirus may be scheduled because a staff member has been diagnosed with the virus or as a precautionary measure against coronavirus. In case you have chosen to implement remote working, this is a perfect time to schedule a preventative deep clean. Doing this will help ensure that there is minimal risk of a resurgence of virus contamination when your employees return to the office.

Electrostatic Spray

This technique of surface cleaning involves spraying chemical particles that are electrostatically charged. Essentially, you spray a chemical mist onto objects and surfaces. The electrostatic spray makes use of a specialised solution that is mixed with air and atomised by an electrode found within the sprayer. The spray also contains positively charged particles that powerfully stick to objects and surfaces. Thanks to the fact that they are positively charged, the particles will aggressively cling to and coat any kind of surface they are sprayed at.

This piece of equipment is highly useful in cleaning awkwardly shaped objects and spots that are hard to reach. Our professionally-trained personnel will just have to point and spray; the spray evenly coats the surfaces and envelopes objects due to the nature of the mist. This is even if the mist is sprayed from one side only. After applying the spray, our operative begins disinfecting concealed surfaces. Due to this, electronic spray offers the perfect solution for germ and contaminant ridden surfaces.

Why You Should Consider Our Electrostatic Cleaning Service:

  • It cuts short the time taken to clean and disinfect hard-to-reach areas by 50% compared to traditional techniques
  • Chemicals are applied in a more efficient and regulated manner, thus avoiding the risks of overuse
  • Saves you expensive costs associated with the outbreaks of a contagious disease
  • It helps to control the infection rate and spread of viruses including HIV, MRSA, influenza, coronavirus, and many others
  • Electrostatic spray cleaning technique offers the perfect solution for floors, walls, and desktops that need to be spotlessly clean. This also applies to tools and equipment and those hard-to-reach places. If a tool or piece of equipment is frequently and heavily used, electrostatic spray cleaning is the most effective way of getting rid of dirt and germs.
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