A Place to Escape

Space can be very conducive to productivity and comfort in an office. It can be a key integral part in offering all-around better work experience for everyone.

In fact, offering up a great relaxation area can be a key feature in improving productivity and helping to develop quiet areas where people can work and concentrate on a more mentally demanding task or seek privacy if meeting with a client that requires more privacy.

It’s equally important to offer this space for mental health benefits. Sometimes, it’s just healthier to work alone rather than listen to someone else prattle on and on. Everyone needs to be able to function at an optimum level while they’re at work. Offering a place to escape can be tantamount to improving the overall benefits of the work environment.

With the added benefit of proper ventilation and lighting, an escape location can work well to help improve the work experience.

Room for Relaxation

Stress can have a huge impact on the mental and physical health of employees. Offering areas of escape can go far in helping to reduce stress. The relaxation can help to soothe jangled nerves and improve productivity as well as lower blood pressure and offer up the benefits of a healthier employee.

Being able to take a break and go for a walk can do a lot to boost morale and improve health. Soothing spaces can incorporate a variety of elements including ventilation, lighting, water elements and even soothing music to help ease the mind and body through a stressful event or day.

Seating areas should offer plenty of comforts and encourage employees to sit and relax and even visit if they so choose. Even if these areas are only a few feet away from the hustle and bustle of the business they will help to improve the overall work experience, and quite often having glass office partitions installed can be exactly what’s needed. Many businesses have an entire suite on their floor where employees can relax.

Intelligent and Nurturing

A slouchy sofa, plants, lighting, ventilation, water features and more can all work together to enhance the work experience. With a gentle focus, they can help to reduce stress and encourage more camaraderie between employees.

Colour and decor will take it a step farther and help to reduce stress. A tranquil setting that sets a boundary between the work area and the rest of the office will go far in helping employees to relax.

While relaxation isn’t just about tranquillity, it can also offer something fun or an alternative activity that will help to reduce stress. A game room or puzzles or even colouring therapy are all great ways to reduce stress and focus on relaxation.

A Home Away From Home

There is a lot to be said about waiting rooms that are comfortable. That being said, this can easily be incorporated into an office retreat in businesses. An area where the employees can utilise creativity and focus on something fun vs the stress of their desk. All of these things work well together to help employees relax and enjoy their day.


Just dedicating a space for rest and relaxation can help. From a nap area to a meditation or prayer area these zones are known as recharge zones and they’re becoming more popular than ever before.

Electronics can be stress-inducing as well as offering an area that is electronic free can also help to improve the overall well-being of employees.

Many businesses are recognising the benefits of allowing employees to carry out their personal religious practices. These areas include areas for feet washing, prayer, and other religious practices.

Ultimately, the practice of escape areas is becoming more popular than ever before. It’s been shown that offering such spaces helps to de-stress employees and improve productivity.

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