Nurturing Loyal Employees: 10 Tips How

Employee turnover is one of the issues many employers/companies have to deal with today. One way to prevent this from happening is by encouraging employee loyalty to the company. This however means you need to make specific changes to cultivate and grow loyalty. Here are a few tips on how to make this possible.

1. Demonstrate Strong Leadership Skills

As long as you have strong leadership skills and do show loyalty to your team, chances are they will follow your footsteps. Inspiring dedication builds the foundation needed to earn the team’s support and loyalty.

2. Create a Connection With Your Staff

Although you might not have plenty of time to interact with all employees, it’s essential to connect with them each chance you get. How well you can create a connection with the members of staff depends on how big/small the company is. As long as you haven’t built a wall around yourself, and make it easy for them to reach out to you, they too will start opening up.

3. Ensure Employees Feel Trusted and Valued

Loyalty is double-sided. You need to show your employees that you do value and trust them for them to reciprocate. If you don’t trust your employees, they too won’t have a reason to believe you. That said, giving the employees an authority to make decisions they feel are right for the company is in itself, satisfying. The result will be more responsible and loyal employees who feel they have a place in the company – this translates to an improved work environment.

4. Provide a Two-Way Mode of Communication and Honest Feedback

Honesty is one of the essential virtues in business that drive success while building loyalty. This can be demonstrated by how you provide feedback to customers, clients, and employees. If employees are forced to lie to customers, chances are they’ll drop out on the way. Create a two-way communication system to help everyone outline their views and experiences. This also lets the employees to be heard without getting judged. Proper communication also helps streamline business processes.

5. Have a Millennial Mindset

Market dynamics are always changing. Embracing these changes makes it easier for new employees and graduates to want to work for you. Millennials want to have a perfect life and work balance to build their career. According to a survey conducted by Accenture, more than 59% of all graduates prefer working in a positive social atmosphere to a huge salary. Understanding what millennials want and making it a reality will go a long way in improving employee retention.

6. Create an Employee Reward System

Taking note of even the smallest achievements by employees go a long way in winning their trust and loyalty. Appreciating and rewarding their efforts and accomplishments makes them feel appreciated and valued. This doesn’t have to be professionally alone; any positive step they take in their personal life counts too.

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7. Minimise Unnecessary Uncertainties

Market dynamics are always changing, making the economy highly unpredictable. Although you might not have control over such uncertainties, it would be advisable to remove or contain any unnecessary uncertainties that might make employees miserable or stressed. Always keep the employees informed on various issues, and warn them if inevitable changes are to be made.

8. Practice Neutrality and Fairness

Working with an abusive boss or co-staff can be stressful for most employees. Keeping a blind eye to this will only make the workplace more miserable for all, a factor that could see a mass exodus of employees. Strive to improve the work environment by ensuring everyone feels valued and discourage bullying. Be fair to all and learn to listen to everyone’s concerns.

9. Show Genuine Care and Support

We all want/wish to work in a supportive environment. You can encourage this in the workplace by helping employees learn from their mistakes and opening doors for suggestions. Refrain from bashing employees in front of their peers, but talk to them in private if you have to. This helps strengthen respect between staff and their managers.

10. Provide Training and Development

Workshops come in handy, especially when you wish to have your employees trained to improve their competency. Some of these training programs make it possible for staff to build their career by advancing their skill. Training your employees and allowing them to grow is not only beneficial to the company but them as well. This contributes to even higher employee retention.

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