10 Tips to Assist You With Nurturing Loyal Employees

The only thing you can do to stop or prevent high employee turnover is to encourage your employees to have more company loyalty. As a manager and leader, there are easy steps you can take to develop and grow loyalty among your staff, whether you’re dealing with employees in Marketing Assistant jobs in London, or Senior Management jobs in Edinburgh – the same principles apply across any job role, in any part of the country.

1. Strong loyalty is inspired by strong leadership.

When you demonstrate strong loyalty to all of your team members, you will discover that this same level of loyalty will be returned to you. During these trying times, if you can inspire loyalty it can help you get the most from your team and will lay the foundation for long term success.

2. Make connections with members of your staff

Often there is not enough time for you to interact on a social level with every single employee each day. Depending on how large your business is, it can be very hard to maintain this once per week. However, it is important to carry this principle out and restore any doubts there may be about valuing employees, as you make efforts to connect with your staff on a regular basis.

3. Demonstrate trust in your employees

Whenever people feel they are valued and trusted, they have a tendency to reciprocate these feelings. Whenever possible, give employees the authority for making decisions related to their work. This will result in a sense of responsibility and freedom that can inspire them to truly go above and beyond the call of duty and result in the entire work environment being improved.

4. Provide two-way communication and honest feedback

Feedback is critical for growth at all capacities – whether it is on the personal level or in the workplace. One core principle that all businesses should have is to always operate with integrity and honesty, whether it is to employees, customers, or clients. Being honest with employees not only helps with communication but also will help your company streamline its processes.

5. Develop the Mindset of a Millennial

These days graduates want to have the ideal life/work balance from their employers as much as they want to have good career prospects. Accenture conducted a survey that found that 50% of all graduates would prefer having a positive social atmosphere within their workplace than they would a higher salary. Those are just examples of areas where businesses these days need to offer employee incentives from a fresh and new perspective.

6. Appropriately reward your employees

One of the key things that drive loyalty and respect is recognition. Failing to recognise the accomplishments or efforts of your employees, whether they are on the professional or personal level, can lead to employees not feeling appreciated or valued. That can frequently lead to employees looking for job opportunities elsewhere.

7. Remove any uncertainty that is unnecessary

Today’s workplace definitely contains more uncertainties than it did in the past. These days, the economy changes at a rapid pace and previously stable markets are constantly disrupted by innovations. The uncertainty that is so pervasive now can create a very stressful environment that makes employees feel miserable, according to a University College London study.

Although an uncertain economy cannot be fixed by one single business, a company can make efforts to make working there more predictable by keeping employees informed and providing an advanced warning whenever there are imminent changes.

8. Be neutral and fair

It can be very hard for employees to feel any loyalty towards a company that allows certain individuals to make the workplace a miserable experience for everyone else. When there are abusive co-workers and bosses it significantly increases stress (and, as a result, turnover). Make sure you treat everyone fairly and have the reputation of a manager who has integrity.

9. Show that you genuinely care and be supportive

When you offer a supportive environment, employees will be able to work more comfortably and not be afraid of making mistakes. The encourages more experimentation and staff can push themselves. Employees can learn from any mistakes they make with reassurance from managers. That will help to develop as well as strengthen the respect between employees and managers.

10. Offer development and training

Training is a critical aspect of operating a business. You want all of your employees to reach their full potential and to achieve that you must provide them with the tools and resources that they need in order to get there. One of the most powerful ways that you can boost your business is to provide training. When employees have the proper knowledge and information to do their very best work, it will positively impact your business in numerous ways.

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