10 Tips to Help You Nurture Loyal Employees

One of the most effective ways of stopping a high employee turnover is by encouraging more company loyalty from your employees. There are a number of things you can do as a manager and leader that will help in developing and growing loyalty in your staff.

1. Inspiring Strong Loyalty through Strong Leadership

If you show your team that you are loyal to them, they are going to reciprocate. You will be able to inspire loyalty in your employees and this will enable you to get the most out of the team and start laying the foundation for success both in the short and long term.

2. Connecting with Your Staff

You might not have enough time to interact with each employee on a daily basis, and this can be even difficult once a week, depending on the size of the business. There is still a lot you can do that will help in restoring any doubts over the value employees bring to your business. Try connecting with your staff on a regular basis

3. Showing Your Employees You Trust Them

When a person feels trusted and valued, there is a good chance they will reciprocate the feeling. Try giving the employees authority to make decisions relating to their work when possible. They will get a sense of responsibility and freedom and this could motivate them to go the extra mile, which will lead to an improved work environment.

4. Providing Honest Feedback and Two-Way Communication

Feedback is important for growth – whether it is personal or in the workplace. Operating with honesty and integrity should be at the core of the business, whether it is to employees, clients, or customers. Having an honest outlook with your employees will help in streamlining the processes of the business and also aid communication.

5. Developing a Millennial Mindset

Graduates today are looking for the perfect balance between their work and personal life. This is why there are studies showing graduates will take a job that comes with a positive social atmosphere rather than one paying more. This is also why it is important for a business to look at employee incentives from a different perspective.

6. Appropriately Rewarding Employees

One of the biggest drivers of loyalty and respect is recognition. If you don’t recognize the effort or accomplishment of your employee, whether it is on a professional or a personal level, then the employee could end up feeling not appreciated or valued. This is where most will start looking for opportunities elsewhere.

7. Removing Unnecessary Uncertainty

There are more uncertainties in the workplace today when compared to the past. There are rapid changes in the economy, and markets that were thought to be stable have been constantly disrupted. This type of environment results in employees getting stressed and miserable. This was shown from a study done by University College London.

While it is impossible for a company to fix the uncertainty of the economy, it is a good idea to keep their employees in the loop and warn them of any changes that are imminent.

8. Being Fair and Neutral

Employees will have a hard time being loyal to a company tolerating individuals who are making the workplace miserable for others. Abusive co-workers and bosses will lead to increase stress in the workplace, which will have an effect on turnover. You should always make sure everyone is treated fairly. Be the manager who knows how to have integrity.

9. Being Supportive to Your Employees and Showing Them You Genuinely Care

When employees have a supportive environment, they are able to work more comfortably without having the fear of making mistakes. The staff will be able to try out different things and push themselves. They have the assurance that the managers are going to help them learn from their mistakes, it is going to strengthen the respect between the employees and the manager.

10. Offering Training and Development

Training is part and parcel of running a successful business; Payroll for Nannies is an example. You need to provide your employees with the right resources and tools if you want them to be the best they can be. Training also has a positive impact on your business; in fact, it is one of the most powerful ways of boosting it.

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