What Your Business Can Do About Poor Internet Connections

When the internet goes down it can stop a business in its tracks, is there a way to keep your connection up and running? There are some alternatives which can keep your business running at high speed.

When the internet goes off for even a moment in your business it can affect a large number of customers in a negative aspect. Think of what would happen to your business during an internet shortage at your busiest time of the day. This could result in sending employees home or losing countless sales. In the end for many businesses when the internet goes out so does the business.

It has been estimated by OnePoll that UK businesses lose an estimated £11 billion every year due to internet downtime. This number continues to grow as more and more businesses rely on internet for their daily operations. Sadly, the amount of compensation for internet downtime is barely adequate for any business. In many cases, the most the provider will do is offer a credit for the downtime. Most businesses are paying at least a few hundred pounds on a monthly basis for internet connectivity and that is not going to make much of an impact on lost sales.

There is no foolproof way to ensure 100%connectivity at all times. However, most businesses rely one one provider for all of their connection. This means that if that provider has a network wide issue, you are losing all of your internet. If there is a problem in or out of the building, the internet is going down.

This means the answer is simple, you will need a second connection.

Traditionally, to create a backup internet connection, a second fibre line would be installed. While this may sound simple, it is not. Having a new fibre line installed in a business is a rather time consuming process which will typically involve lease agreements and the physical installation of the new line. Even in the simplest of cases, this could require at least two months. In some extreme cases, it may be a year. The next consideration is the budget for having two lines, one of which is mainly a backup.

Using The Network In The Sky

One of the best alternatives is to use internet connectivity which is delivered wirelessly through microwave technology, or through private business mobile contracts. Through the use of rooftop dishes, wireless internet will use line of site to the base station. Using our network in the sky has a number of advantages. You will only need permission for the dish on the roof as opposed to a way leave legal agreement. This means that the installation is going to be much faster than that of fibre lines. Additionally, you will not be forced to rely on running a physical line into the building which is vulnerable to street works.

However, the good keeps on going with this setup. Wireless internet is much less expensive than fibre, you will typically get a 50mg connection for about £150, which should be more than sufficient for a business needing a backup. Lastly our wireless internet is typically much more reliable than fibre.

Throughout the central London area, we have added countless customers who are now using our wireless internet as a primary connection while others use it for a reliable backup. With its extra capacity, it is rather easy to split the bandwidth If your fibre network should fail, your wireless network will stay operational, allowing your business to continue to function.

A wireless internet connection is the perfect option for many businesses. It is not only going to solve your issues of downtime but offer additional bandwidth and flexibility. Having a solid internet line is an essential aspect for every business and a wireless connection is a perfect solution.

Are you interested in a wireless connection for your business? We have installed hundreds of connections throughout London, so please contact us with any questions.

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