How To Improve The Appearance Of Your Property

First impressions can make or break a deal. This is why you need to know some tips to add instant impact to your home.

Paint The Front Door

Terrace house, freshly painted with greeneryThis might sound simple, but your front door is the first thing people will see. You can choose a bold colour because it is one of the few places where you can. A strong and bright colour in a full gloss paint is very popular, but if this is something that you cannot see with your home, a solid black is a safer option, HL Decorating can help you choose the best option for your home. If you want a more contemporary look, muted, matt and washed-out colours are the best options.

Invest in Quality Door Furniture

You should look at spending a bit more to get some better quality furniture. Cheap furniture will look cheap and this is something that you want to avoid. You should also look at furniture that matches the rest of the property. Having heavy Victorian door knockers and letter boxes can look great, but would appear out of place if the rest of the house is not Victorian in style.

Lighting Is Vital

You should look at placing lighting on either side of the front door for the symmetry. You can also use a lantern in portico entrances. When it comes to choosing the lighting, you should not be afraid to try them out in situ before committing. If the lights ate too ornate or large they will look brash.

If you have a garden approach to your property, you need to be careful with the lighting. Good garden lighting should not be seen. You can conceal the lights in the trees or in the garden path and drive.

Clear The Approach To The Door

You need to remove leaves and rubbish from the path that leads to the front door. Bicycles, cars and horse boxes should all be neatly parked and you should consider the path. Sandstone, marble and Portland stone steps and paths with newly painted railings are recommended.

Having a porch can provide some distinction to your home, but it can become a ground for clutter. If you are building your porch, you need to ensure that it is proportionate to the rest of the house.

Numbering and Naming a House Can Go Wrong

Off numerals, badly painted house names and plaques with pictures will only hurt the kerb appeal of your home. There is a trend where shiny and oversized chrome numbers are used which can work. If your home has a fanlight, you should look at acid-etched numbers and names on the glass.

A more affordable alternative will be house number stickers. If you want a name for your home, it can be wrought into the gateways. You can also tastefully inscribe it on slate or brass and have this screwed onto the gate post.

Clean the Windows Regularly

When your windows are dirty, they will look sad and hurt the impression people have of your property. Rotten window frames should also be avoided and they need to be replaced. The new windows will have to match the rest of the house.

Glazing bars have to be positioned correctly and you do not have to paint them white. They can look great in black or dark green. Of course, you need to consider the brick when choosing the colour. You also need to ensure that blinds and curtain linings seen from outside match.

Add Some Greenery

Regardless of the size of your front garden, you need to add some greenery. Houses that have plants trailing up them will often look better. You can also add some window boxes and plant some ivy in them.

Garden beds should be landscaped and filled with colourful plants. A box hedge will also set off the front of your home. If you have a smaller area, you should look at box topiary on either side of the front door.

Install an Impressive Gate

Any country house will need to have an impressive entrance gate. However, the gate will need to reflect the period of the house. A manor should have a white painted gate with simple pillars while a more modern home can have a wrought iron electric gate.

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