What Is the Best Season for a Kitchen Remodel?

kitchenSome seasons are just better for renovations than others, based on the kind of project and the weather. The middle of a frigid winter isn’t usually a good time to be replacing patio doors and windows.

There are definitely specific building seasons in places where temperatures get cold enough that snowfall happens and the ground actually freezes. The cycles of road repairs often reflect this, as they happen over the course of the summer before stopping in the autumn only to resume the next spring.

However, there can be exceptions for certain kinds of ‘inside work’. Kitchen remodels, bathroom remodels, and basement remodels can happen nearly anytime of the year. If a project doesn’t involve compromising the envelope or the removal of windows, then it can happen at any time.

In short, if your renovation is going to be contained fully indoors and won’t disturb the foundation, roof, window, or exterior walls of your building, then you can likely do your renovation in any of the four seasons.

Having said that, a lot of homeowners choose the best time for scheduling their kitchen remodel as being the spring and summer, which leaves quite a few contractors hungry for work during the off-season of winter. Traditionally, the wintertime is a much easier time to book general contractors.

Other Things to Consider

Aside from climate, there are other things that need consideration when you schedule your upcoming kitchen restoration:

The Schedule of Your Family

Consider planning your remodel for a time when it will least disrupt your household’s daily schedule. The kitchen of any home is its heart and hub, so turning that into a construction project will add serious inconvenience. A lot of families pick summer to remodel their kitchen given the flexibility that comes with summer homes, holiday time, and just sending kids off to summer camp.

Your Dining Plans

Eating out every day not only gets expensive but also tiring. When your kitchen is going through construction, you are going to want some kind of temporary eating arrangement at home. For some families, a mini-fridge, microwave, and simple work table will work. For other families, the perfect warm-season solution is an outdoor grill.

Holidays or Special Events

Are you trying to schedule your new kitchen prior to a graduation, holidays, or some other special event? If you’d like to replace your counters and cabinets, that could take a few weeks. However, if you’re looking into changing walls, replumbing, rewiring, and getting inspections, then you might be looking at a project that lasts several months. The full scope of the work winds up being the biggest consideration. A well-versed homeowner or contractor needs to understand the full construction sequence so they can work backwards from when they would like to have everything done, particularly assuming you’d like it done a week in advance of a particular holiday.

Special Deals

The average kitchen remodelling budget is more than £17,000, so there’s no question that homeowners cherish finding good deals. Check out professionals like the Fourwalls. Black Friday is a great time for discounts on a lot of major appliances. However, for sales specific to certain industries, April and May tend to be good times to be watchful for spring promotions. Even if you aren’t going to install things immediately, you can help your later project go more smoothly by buying and storing any materials and products you can in advance.

Product Lead Times

Custom cabinetry involving hand-crafted designs or exotic materials might easily have lead times of up to three months, if not more. Semi-custom cabinetry can mean a month up to six weeks from the time your order to the time of delivery. As you deliberate your timeline for a kitchen remodel, be mindful of how different products will have varying lead times, all based simply on their availability.

Your Thorough Planning

In the end, the best time for scheduling a kitchen remodel is only after you have planned it out thoroughly. That means research, setting goals, budgeting, shopping, and consulting professionals. Once you are comfortable with all of the parts, processes, and pieces that have to come together, then nothing, even winter, can stop you.

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