Reasons Your HGV Needs a Dashcam

As someone who drives professionally, you can bet that you will spend the majority of the time driving out on the road. During your time driving, you will come across quite a few accidents. Hopefully, they won’t involve you. While some accidents can be easily avoided, some aren’t as easy to avoid. The bottom line is, no accident ends pretty. While you find yourself out on the road, you will likely have a bunch of items you deem as essential; one of those essentials has got to be a dashcam. Nowadays, having a dashcam should be mandatory for every HGV driver in the entire country for various reasons. You might be asking “Can I renew my HGV licence after it has expired?” but without a dashcam, you might lose your licence for good. Below, you will find some of the reasons to ensure that you are as safe and as protected as possible while driving.

The Ability to Record Accidents

Accidents are going to happen no matter what. They can happen for an unlimited number of reasons and they can happen at virtually any time. Along with the damage and injuries that can stem from accidents, they usually happen very quickly and without notice. A lot of the times accidents leave drivers wondering and confused about what happened. A dashcam may not be able to stop you from getting into an accident in the first place, but it can help you figure out the events that transpired that ultimately led to the accident. This can make dealing with insurance companies post-accident much easier. After all, you will have the proof needed to showcase who was really at fault for causing the accident. This alone can make them extremely valuable to anyone who spends a lot of time driving. As mentioned, there is no stopping the accident, but there are ways to effectively protect yourself from losing an insurance case against those looking to commit insurance fraud against you.

Using Footage as Proof to Avoid Getting Scammed

There are people out there trying to scam you. This is an unfortunate fact. There are drivers on the road purposefully looking to cause accidents to get money from insurance companies. Typically, someone engaging in this type of fraud will slam their brakes on in front of you out of nowhere and claim you rammed into them. With a dashcam, you will be able to avoid becoming a victim of this kind of fraud because it will clearly show what they were doing when the accident occurred. While you cannot avoid getting into an accident with these scammers, you will be able to protect yourself with proof.

Using Them to Report Bad Drivers

When you are spending so much time on the road, you end up seeing a lot of things. One of the things you are likely to see a lot of would-be bad drivers. Some drivers are bad because they are reckless and some are not careful or simply don’t know the rules of the road. What’s worse, there are ‘professional’ drivers who exhibit bad driving habits and who are reckless which can make things even more dangerous. Having a dashcam can help you do your part in policing the road to ensure that you can report any bad behaviour on the road that could end up saving lives. After all, the fewer bad drivers on the road at any given time, the better off everyone will be.

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