Tips And Tricks on How to Improve Your Property’s Kerb Appeal

First impressions matter a lot in every home or property. For this reason, you need to strive to improve your property’s kerb appeal. Outlined below are a few tips and tricks on how to achieve this, as offered by Sarah Beeny.

Give the Entry Door a Lick of Paint

The front door is presumably the one place in your home that can take on any theme/colour. Before you can even start thinking of other areas in the house, choose a favourite (preferably bright) colour to paint on your door. Sarah’s door is currently pink in colour. If bright colours aren’t appealing to you, you can then choose to go the contemporary way. Go for muted, matt, or washed-out colours like those you see in London streets.

Go Big on the Quality of Your Door Furniture

Don’t simply settle for the cheapest piece of furniture you come across for a door. Consider spending a little more of your money to get something worth the money and appealing as well. Quality furniture will make your home more attractive.

 Invest in Proper Lighting

Proper lighting is required to help highlight some of the critical features of the property, as well as help you see. According to Alex Michelin, it wouldn’t hurt to have two light fixtures on either side of the front door and a lantern in the portico entrance. Try out the lights first before having them installed permanently. If there’s a front or back garden within the property, you should then choose the lighting carefully. Sarah recommends hiding the lights in trees or even concealing them well to provide just enough light for the drive/pathway.

Keep the Porch, Driveway, and Steps Clean and Well Organised

Do not let leaves or any form of rubbish accumulate in the driveway or steps. For porched houses, you should be careful not to turn it into a dumping site. Horseboxes, bikes, and cars should be parked neatly too. Alex recommends using sandstone, marble, or Portland stone for paths and steps. These give the house a cleaner look and feel.

Be Careful with Naming or Numbering Your House

Many are the times when we see badly painted names, wonky numerals, and plagues with pictures at the front of houses in London. Avoid these and instead, think of a better way to do it. One way is by using stencilled numbers or oversized chrome numerals for the house. If your home has fanlights, you can try an acid-etched glass with your names on it too. If these seem too expensive, number stickers will come in handy as well. You could even have your name or number inscribed on slate/brass, or wrought into gateways for a unique look.

Keep Your Windows Clean

Dirty streaked windows aren’t appealing at all. The same applies to rotten window frames and broken window panes. That said, it’s advisable to keep the windows clean and in the best condition possible. Consider replacing broken frames with new ones; you can find a good range of UPVC windows in a Hampshire store. Some windows will require repositioning, and especially the glazing bars. Glazing bars can be painted in other colours aside from white too. You do however need to be careful when choosing the right colour for these. Alex recommends using matching curtain linings and blinds for an even better view and appeal.

Add Some Greenery

While a garden would come in handy in making your property beautiful and green, you can still invest in planters and window boxes to add the appeal. All you need is paint the planter beautifully then plant some draping ivy in it. You could have your garden (if any) landscaped properly for extra appeal as well. Have smaller planters at either side of the door and over the windows too.

Invest in a Quality Entrance Gate

This is particularly essential for country houses. You do however need to choose a gate that compliments your property. For instance, wrought iron electric gates are recommended for new-built homes, while white gates with stone pillars are suitable for a manor. The gate should be a true reflection of your home and serve its purpose well.

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