Is Being a HGV Driver a Flexible Job?

10 years ago, asking whether HGV drivers have a flexible job would be a laughing matter. Currently, flexible working which were non-existent then a luxury offered by a few companies, have now become a necessity. Here is what you need to know about the flexible working hours of a HGV driver – if you are beginning your HGV driver training, pay attention to all of these positive benefits.

It’s Not a 9-5 Job

As a HGV driver, you will never work a 9-5 job. Hours vary depending on the specific day, time of the year and the weather. Every day is different from the next. You can forget about getting to the office the same time every day. Your driving routes will be planned in advance and you will drive to different places to deliver different things each passing day.

For instance, on Monday you might be delivering goods to multiple customers in London while on Tuesday you will be driving to Manchester from London and back. On Thursday, you could be doing a long-haul journey to deliver things in Europe. As a HGV driver, you can choose the days to work and the distance but it depends on your employer.

Time Off

As mentioned, you can choose your working hours and days as a HGV driver to match your preferences. Even better, you have some type of control on your time off. You are rarely limited to when your boss says you can take the time off. You will have more say on when you can take the time off and for how long you will do it.

Note that it’s quite different from your annual leave but also comes in when you choose to work during the week. For instance, if you need to be at home on certain days of the week to be with your family, you can choose a working schedule that allows you do to so effortlessly. It’s a huge perk for many HGV drivers.

Control Your Working Environment

Many people in various jobs don’t have complete control over their working environment. Yes, you can change a few things inside your cab but as a HGV driver, you can make the place your own. For instance, you can decorate the sleeping space, add mini-fridges, hang a few decorations and make the place comfortable enough for yourself.

Even better, you can play different audiobooks, music, podcasts, all as loudly as you want. You have complete control on what to wear and stock a lot of snacks in your fridge without worrying about other people stealing them. A lot of office workers often complain about the lack of flexibility in their workspace but as a HGV driver, you can enjoy a little freedom.

Job Security

You should know that HGV drivers are in a lot of demand in the UK. First, the pandemic made the delivery industry an essential part of our lives. Even better, the economy relies heavily on delivery drivers. Currently, there is a huge shortage of drivers and it’s been the same for a while.

As such, there is a lot of work available for HGV and LGV drivers in the UK. With all the flexibility mentioned above, you need to choose the right company to work for and who to work with. Even better, you need to choose the type of deliveries you want to make and you are good to go. If you have always wanted to be a HGV driver, this is the time to do it.

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