How To Support Local Businesses During the Pandemic

In addition to the measures taken by the government to safeguard the economy during these tough times, there are various ways individuals can support their local business, whether they are bookshops, music stores or coffee houses.

Here are a few ways to support small companies and help them survive during this pandemic.

  1. Buy Local

Most small businesses do not have a provision for customers to buy online and have only been forced to take this part after the pandemic hit, a reason why you need to check with your local ones to see if they have this feature.

The requirement to maintain social distance has seen most retailers shift their operations to adjust to the new normal, as seen with independent brewers bringing beers to your home and book shop offering contact-free deliveries.

This also applies to food and household staples. If you do not have the coronavirus symptoms, check out the corner shop in your estate where you can get some items the large stores are running out and support the local community as well. 

  1. Purchase Gift Cards

One of the best ways to put some money into your local business is through buying gift cards that you can use later. This is a way that lets you boost the cash flow of your favourite shop, salon, restaurant while also minimising interactions and non-essential services such as packaging and delivery which might require the people working there to work and get into contact with others necessarily.

It is also a good way to show business owners how much you value their work and a sign of loyalty in these tough times.

  1. Get Takeout Food and Drink

While most eateries have been forced to close their doors entirely, many of them are still available for takeout and delivery, including spots that did not offer this service before the outbreak.

If you are still earning some money, ponder taking a night off from preparing meals every now and use this chance to support local eateries, bars and restaurants in the coming months, as well as getting a takeaway in Fleet.

Most independent food and drink businesses are enrolling on delivery platforms like Deliveroo and Uber Eats, but if your favourite one is not listed here, give them a shout to see if they can deliver the meal to your place or sell you the ingredients to make the same at home.

Take note that some of these third-party delivery platforms will charge the local establishments additional fees that will only dent their finances, and try ordering directly if you can do.

  1. Review them Positively

If you do not have the money to support these small businesses, there are several other things you can do to help such as following them on their social media pages and giving positive reviews on the internet.

With so many restaurants and bars being required to shut their doors, giving a few positive words of encouragement through various online platforms or directly through email or a phone call will go a long way to encourage the owners to persevere these times.

  1. Engage in Online Classes

From yoga sessions and dance classes to creative writing and singing, there are multiple classes you can decide to partake in online so if a local business offers them, take it.

With most establishments having to close temporarily or permanently, various business owners are now using online streaming services to allow people to enjoy the services while social distancing or self-isolating and this gives you the chance to show your support and solidarity to the local community.

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