5 Quick and Free Marketing Wins!

Woman updating her websiteFor those who are completely new to the world of marketing, it can be quite daunting as well as expensive. And we’re here to tell you that no matter where your skill level is when it comes to marketing, you don’t have to be afraid or think negatively at all! And, with five FREE, yes, completely free wins compiled by Leapfrog Internet Marketing, you’ll be able to practice them right away and actually see results within just a couple days.

1. Google My Business

Google My Business is known for being one of the industry’s leading platforms when it comes to business listing and is owned of course by Google, so it’s completely free. When users search using Google within their region or even where they are based it is extremely important for your business to be completely visible.

However, you’re going to also need to have an appealing front or simply look attractive in the eyes of all of your prospects. So, this is how Google My Business comes in to save the day; users can view all the useful info that you’ve put in about your business. Of course, you’ll need to add in your closing and opening hours, some info about yourself, your contact and most importantly you’ll need to put your location with the use of the map function.

Additionally, customers will flock to your location and then go on to leave a detailed review of your store on Google My Business. Be sure to keep in mind that roughly 80% of online viewers trust these reviews, so you should kindly ask your customers to leave reviews which will go on to influence future customers.

2. Subscribers.com

This particular site has the potential to increase traffic to your website with the use of push notifications for both mobile and web browsers. And when your potential buyers view your site, they will be prompted by a pop-up that asks if they want to block or allow any notification from you. So, in the case where they eagerly click allow, you’ll be able to give them tons of info over time in order to re-engage their wants and needs back to your product.

Simply put, this can be a very easy and fast way to establish some form of communication with previous customer or previous visitors. And it is 100% GDPR compliant and you’ll no longer need to reach out via email and in some cases spam their inbox anymore.

3. Leadfeeder

This amazing tool allows business owners to actually get an idea of who their customers are. It goes on to track visitors and also gives details about any particular company that has also viewed your site. And it also supplies info about what pages they viewed and how much time they spent as well as how they stumbled upon your site in the first place.

When it comes to operating a successful business, any bit of information becomes valuable. And it provides a clear-cut picture of your warm leads, or rather simply those who are actually ready to purchase. And you should aim to follow up with these people since more than 97% of viewers don’t actually go on to make contact.

4. MozBar

If you’re in the marketing field, we’re sure you’ve heard about Moz.com before and their leading tool MozBar is quite essential since it allows you to actually view the Domain Authority of competing sites. And like we’ve said before; any bit of info is critical in being successful.

Simply put, the Domain Authority is a huge factor that determines the rankability of your website as it ranks on engines such as Bing, Google and others. However, it consists of roughly 40 signals such as your link quality and others. So, when your DA is relatively high, it is more likely to be ranked higher on a search engine.

5. Think With Google

This tool tests the speed of your site for both mobile and PC users who visit you and it also gives a clearly detailed report in cases where your generated results are not where you’d like them to be. When it comes to your site, your load speed is extremely important since it influences who stays and who goes because it takes too long loading. In essence, it’s all about creating an experience that keeps your customers interested in every single way; this goes on to show the true quality of your brand!

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