The Top Benefits Of Installing The Most Energy Efficient Windows

Low emissivity glass, commonly known as Low-E, is considered to be the most energy-efficient glass that can be used for both double and triple glazing. This type of glass is designed with a microscopic thin metal oxide coating on one of the internal glass surfaces, which helps reflect heat into the house while letting natural light in. The coating also helps reflect external heat, hence preventing heat gain in hot weather (or during summer).

Although the space between these panes may differ in size from one manufacturer to the other, and also affect its performance, manufacturers can only use a maximum space of 16mm between panes. A smaller gap may, however, be preferred for better performance though manufacturers can choose to fill the void with inert gasses (xenon, argon, or krypton) for an even better insulating effect.

Windows are a common culprit for huge heating and cooling bills in a home, and especially if one is yet to upgrade to the more energy-efficient windows. Upgrading to the more energy-efficient windows and solidor door designs can thus help reduce your heating and cooling bills by up to 30%, among other benefits. Some of the benefits of upgrading to the best energy efficient windows include:

1. Lower Energy Bills

Triple- and double-glazed windows reduce/prevent air leakage out of the house, which in turn reduces the load on your HVAC systems. In addition to this, these windows are designed to repel condensation, hence no frost on the panes. The fact that frost doesn’t form on the window panes means cooler temperatures don’t seep in. The thin gap with insulation gases prevents the cold temperature in while allowing the room/home to remain warm. Such would however not be possible with single glass panes that allow cold in. The advanced energy-efficient windows are thus the best bet for the energy and eco-conscious consumer.

2. Better Insulation

Heat gain is one of the biggest challenges many homeowners face. Switching to the more energy-efficient windows however helps reduce, if not eliminate, this issue for good. The low emissivity glass, coupled with the thin layer of inert gasses give you better insulation for your home. This means you can enjoy the warmth of your house in winter, as well as cooler more comfortable temperatures in hot weather. The low-E glass used on modern triple/glazed windows helps create an envelope of comfort and tranquillity inside your home with unforgiving temperatures outside.

3. Sound Proofing

Energy-efficient windows will not only help preserve indoor temperatures but also dampen sounds and noises. This is particularly essential for individuals living in noisy neighbourhoods, and especially near railway lines and airports. Noises from planes taking off, and landing, will not be a bother anymore the moment these windows are installed. The insulating gas between the window panes acts as a sound absorber, leaving your home quiet and comfortable.

4. Protect Your Valuables From UV Radiation

The reflective coating and insulation provided for by double/triple glazing also help keep UV radiation inside the house to the minimal. With very little to no UV rays penetrating into your home through the windows, your carpets, furniture, and expensive artwork on the walls are left untouched. You can thus rest assured your artwork, fine linens, and furniture will not fade from exposure to UV rays.

5. Allow Natural Sunlight In

Many people invest in glazed tinting, and shades to help reduce heat gain when the sun is up. While these may help in one way or the other, tinting and shades only prevent light from getting in leaving your house/room darker than it should be. Double and triple-glazed windows block heat and UV rays while letting unharmful rays in. This allows more natural light in, hence a well-lit home with an even better view of the outdoors.

Energy-efficient windows are the best investment for your home. It will not only help bring your energy bills down and preserve your furniture but also improve the value of your home. Make the switch today.

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